1 in 3 people are anxious about exercising because they think they need to look sexy and physically perfect to do it. Every personal training session with The Sydney Trainer, whether you are engaged in online personal training, or, face-to-face personal training, is 100% client-centred. Every client is valued and respected in, any and all, personal training settings, and are uniquely supported throughout their fitness endeavour to achieve optimum levels of human health.


Everyday-people desiring to sustain a healthful existence, equalizing work and well-being, in a body that is strong and youthful, receive practical training methods and solutions to achieve a fit body and a sense of living a more balanced lifestyle.


Fitness, training and nutrition programs are designed with your transformational goal in mind and a combination of conventional, and, hybrid training methodologies and principles, are implemented to help you achieve the best possible results, safely.


  • Body Recompositioning
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Muscle Building
  • Functional Training
  • Pregnancy Fitness

As of July 2017, you can train with The Sydney Trainer via the The Sydney Trainer virtual training app, Which is available to install for free from Google Play and the App Store.


Working with a reputable certified Personal Trainer is an enormous advantage towards achieving optimum levels of health and fitness but it can be very expensive to train in-person, and, not everyone has the time to meet with a trainer face-to-face. The Sydney Trainer app is a premier app that is the cost-effective alternative to training in-person. You can train anywhere, anytime, soon after your personalized program is created, and, you can begin to track your training schedule and workouts, view exercise demos, and correct your exercise technique instantly. You can even log food journal all day, everyday and record all your results diligently and efficiently. You have the flexibility, freedom and ownership of monitoring your progress at your fingertips and you can use the in-app messaging system to connect with your Personal Trainer anytime, from anywhere around the world.


Face-to-face clients and members of The Sydney Trainer receive the app as a complementary add-on to their training program in order to maximize their training outcomes outside of their scheduled personal training sessions.


The Sydney Trainer makes exercising and eating, an easy and enjoyable endeavor, not a pursuit of punishment or shame.


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Personal Trainer specializing in: Fat loss, Body Re-composition, Strength and Conditioning, Muscle Building, and Macronutrient Coaching.


Formerly an expert at being a fat guy, I was dangerously overweight at 255 lbs (or 116kg). I was a nightclub deejay in Sydney for 15 years, and eventually the party life and alcohol took a toll on my health and affected my creativity and my outlook on life. In 2005 I decided to start good health habits and lost weight through training and proper nutrition. It was a tough journey and a slow process,but,I got through it with my wife’s support. I also retired from the nightlife, touring and entertaining hip hop fans with my deejay sets, and instead put on a suit and tie everyday, to sit behind a desk working for one of Australia’s major financial institutions. Since my job was mostly sedentary except for the trips to the water cooler and the occasional smoko, my wife made sure my lunches were proper and packed everyday. I ate good nutritious meals most of the time, except for those times, I would take part in social corporate gatherings — I always say yes to a good piece of cake.


A couple of years later, while my wife was in the UK and Europe on a business trip, I then decided to quit smoking, I wanted to surprise her when she got back. A month on my own made it a bit easier to wean off of it because I didn’t feel the pressure of being ‘monitored’. (Experiential fact: when my nutrition was on point, the smell and taste of cigarette smoke was just unbearably gross.)


By 2010, I was finally within my healthy weight range 202 lbs (92 kg). I’ve sustained my weight loss ever since. I am still a non-smoker.And, at intimate gatherings and special occasions, I might have a couple of drinks.


For me, it was really important to harness the support I needed to lose weight. Sure, I may have been able to do it on my own, but, it most definitely motivated me and inspired me to get better and feel better, when someone else was there to cheer me on, and, to remind me on the days I wanted to throw in the towel, the reasons why I wanted to change in the first place, so that I would be made accountable and empowered to keep on going. I think it’s also important to note that my reasons for making healthy lifestyle changes were bigger than my Self. I wanted to be fit and healthy to look after my family, to be ready physically, emotionally and spiritually for whatever life throws at our direction, not just for my gunz to be busting out of my shirt sleeves.


All the weight I was carrying wasn’t just a truckload of fat, it was the weight of stress, anxiety, and depression. My transformational weight loss was more than just about losing weight, it was about winning opportunities that weren’t available to me when I was fat, stressed and depressed. When I made the decision to practice healthfulness, to practice fitness, to practice servitude, amazing positive things started to happen. And so here I am, I’m making it…I’m helping other people make it, and, I’m confident that I can help you make it too.


I’ve been where you are now, I can relate to the anxiety, stress and frustration, that paralyzes action and as well as,the sense of urgency that is calling you to make healthful lifestyle changes that your body, mind and spirit crave. I know the feeling of finding the gym to be daunting, boring or both, and the tough penny-pinching decision between the pros and cons of putting money aside for weekend indulgences versus a weekly investment in your own health and fitness. Meanwhile, you’re not getting any fitter, or younger. But you shouldn’t give up the fitness goal you’ve been dreaming of achieving. Hollywood celebrities and fitness models aren’t the only ones who can afford the services of a Personal Trainer. You can too! Admittedly, I did it without a personal trainer, because at the time there weren’t many affordable and exciting options, but I did have my wife to motivate and support me throughout my weight loss journey. Yes, my experience was tough, but yours doesn’t have to be, it’s as easy as first knowing your options.


Based in Sydney, I’ve trained clients from all walks of life since 2010 and watching each person’s transformation before my eyes is indeed fulfilling. I like that my role in other people’s lives offers a remarkable experience to motivate and inspire, and, to witness the meek and the mighty, achieve fitness goals they thought they could never achieve. Fitness is a discipline. I totally understand that overcoming anxieties related to your body and health, and, developing the mentality for success may not be an easy one, but if you’re here, you’re obviously conscious of wanting to initiate a transformation. If you’re unsure of where to start, you’ll find more on Training & Nutrition here.or, you can read a Blog or, listen to Workout Music. But if you have a burning question, you need an answer to as fast as possible, just ask .