Anxiety About Exercise


Anxiety is exactly what some people face as soon as they think about exercise, and the thought of going to the gym to do it, only increases apprehension. Before I became a personal trainer, I was lugging around 44 pounds of belly fat. The state of my health was what made me start an exercise program but I would be lying if I said I didn’t have the occasional anxiety attack every time I walked in the gym. For some reason, people forget their manners when they see a fat person. Being stared at and judged for being fat wasn’t what made me anxious, but that I was being judged, for being fat, IN A GYM! I thought people, especially the ones who worked there, would be a whole lot more encouraging, considerate and helpful towards people like me, who are in the gym, in the first place, to get back in shape. It’s no wonder why some people don’t want to exercise!

People Want To Exercise -Just Not At The Gym

This may or may not come as a surprise, but people don’t avoid exercise, they avoid going to the gym. And, I get the reason why. A male personal trainer says to a client: “You’ll never have sex again, looking like that.”A gym worker says to a member: “Nice tights, it’s a shame about your figure though.”

The targets of both these comments are now my clients. One trains in her own time of a place of her choice, as she follows my online training program. And I train the other client at the local beachfront park. Unfortunately, what happened to them, is just an example of several incidents that, especially women, have revealed are the reasons why they avoid exercising at the gym altogether. And there is research to support this unfortunate fact.

Around 1400 people participated in a questionnaire by Nine Rewards for Curves and the results confirmed that in Australia, 1 out of 3 people won’t exercise because of the shame they feel when people see them exercising. About forty-six per cent of these people reported feelings of apprehension and anxiety at the very thought of getting inside a gym.

Another reason is the cult following of what some refer to as “fitness porn”. Social media is a sea of images of young women exercising in booty shorts, and, crop tops barely holding their parts in and together; And, yes, some of these people turn up to the gym in this sort of attire, giving people the impression that one must look alluring, erotic and enticing at executing a routine exercise. Research has shown due to constant exposure to fitness porn, people just become turned off at the thought of exercising at the gym.

“No Pain. No Gain.” is a common slogan in the fitness industry used to motivate and inspire the weak-willed. And, yet the survey’s result revealed that one-third of respondents avoided the gym for fear of getting hurt because of the myth that for an exercise to be beneficial, it must be painful. But this is not true, and, I will write about this in a separate post.

To Exercise Or Not To Exercise

If you’ve been avoiding exercise until now and if any of this resonates with you, then you know you’re answer. The benefits of exercise far outweigh the limitations of that which anxiety plays in determining your will and capability to execute a training program customized to you.
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Exercise helped me lose my belly fat.

Exercise diminishes anxiety.

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