Over-Training Kills Your Sex Drive


Over-training can wreak havoc on your sexual health and that spells doom for your sex drive. Think about it, if you continue to exercise the malpractice of excessive training, you are putting your body through unnecessary physical stress and trauma, the last thing on your mind will be to fulfil your sexual desires when you’re overcome by muscle and joint pain, aches and hormonal dysfunction.I totally get taking up an active lifestyle can help you gain a healthier and sexier body and outlook – and whilst this can be the result of any training discipline – Over-training will certainly tax your libido. You may even lose time, energy, may be even your sanity if your excessive training regimen goes unnoticed.

Are you over-training?

According to exercise physiologist Yujin Lim of Optimal Health Exercise Physiology, over-training is when a person engages in a prolonged period of exercise, of which the magnitude and intensity, surpasses that which their body can easily recover.

Male infertility has been linked to over-training. Research suggests that while having a fit and active lifestyle can increase testosterone levels, excessive exercise kills healthy testosterone level in both men and women. After a training session the body naturally comes down and needs time to recover and recuperate to bring it back into balance. When you over-train, hormone level concentration in the blood becomes lowered and as a result this affects testosterone production thereby deregulating the libido, and, in men, lowering sperm count. The good news is that these unwanted negative effects are temporal and the body can recover after few days of rest, bringing the level of testosterone back to normal. Queue Marvin Gay, and, a weekend of Netflix and Chill.

Rhabdomyolosis is a term describing severe muscle damage with subsequent release of the muscle protein, myoglobin into the bloodstream. This is one critical risk associated with over-training. The myoglobin released affects the kidney resulting in a dark-coloured urine, that can be accompanied by fatigue.

A decrease in female hormone levels has been observed in women who punish themselves with over-training, too. Over-training in women leads to amenorrhea, a medical term describing absence of menstrual periods. Women with very low body fat who exercise excessively, usually experience such abnormality. This is because of a decrease in the hormone estrogen which is a predisposing factor to breast cancer, by the way. Research has shown that women with lower than 10% body fat have difficulty getting pregnant, and, have a tendency to develop brittle bones making them vulnerable to related dis-eases, injuries and fractures.

7 Signs of Lack – when you focus too much on gains:

1. Lack of libido
2. Lack of interest in social settings
3. Lack of concentration on day to day tasks
4. Lack of overall energy
5. Lack of appetite
6. Lack of sleep
7. Lack of ability to recover from pain, aches or injury

I’m just going to say this: Train Effectively, not Excessively – A well structured training program goes a long way in helping you to feel and look healthy, sexy and fit, and that which prevents the many symptoms and dangers of over-training to your overall health.

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