Pregnancy Fitness

Pregnancy Fitness

Congratulations on your new pregnancy! Pregnancy fitness should be approached with a sense of excitement and liveliness, but always with utmost care. Undeniably a very delicate phase, one wrong move can either cause harm to the baby or the mother, or both. However, this does not mean that you should stop physical activities or start eating indulgently.

If you’re a career woman, forced to temporarily stop work because of your pregnancy and feel bored with the change in your their lifestyle, perhaps the idleness, compounded with possible insecurities, may cause stress and anxiety if you’re not filling your time with fun and meaningful activities.

Women who have trained with The Sydney Trainer throughout their pregnancies have been carefully guided through safe, stress-free training programs individually designed for expectant mothers whose goals are to have more energy and stamina, to increase confidence, and to sustain physical, emotional and mental fitness.

Due to The Sydney Trainer’s careful, client-centred training approach to pregnancy fitness, your personalized training and nutrition program is delivered Face-To-Face.

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