Printable Workout

Printable Workout


Simple and easy to follow illustrated printable workouts, designed for all fitness levels. You can sweat it out at home, in a gym, hotel room, anywhere you choose. New gym members, or, people who don’t like going to a gym but want to exercise, whose aims are to grow in confidence, efficiency and effectiveness in using their own bodyweight will find that illustrated workouts to follow very beneficial. Also, good for anyone needing to identify and use exercise equipment correctly and safely.

All illustrated workouts can be as easy or as challenging as you want them to be and can be used time and time again, cyclically.

More illustrated printable workouts are in the pipeline and a growing selection for you to choose from, will be published soon.

Download and print your workout from the following selections:

  • Medicine Ball Workout
  • Core Cable Workout
  • Dumbbell Workout

The source file that is available for you to download can be processed by any printing business, into a laminated wall poster, for your easy instant reference.

Start progressively and see progressive results.